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Continue On the Task of Kindness

As you grow, you will meet people who you do not understand. They may confuse you, they may frustrate you, they may even make you nervous. That is normal. This means you are paying attention to the humanity within them and within you. But whatever you do, do not let your confusion or frustration or fear carry you away. Remember what I said about fear; fear is a liar. The differences between us can make us violent or make us wise. Only one of these is helpful.

Seek to understand, seek to empathize, seek other viewpoints from which to see the world, and know that seeing things from another side does not require that you abandon what you hold dear; it may, however, reveal a deeper ocean of the truth that you have not yet explored.

When faced with those who do not understand you, who are frustrated by you, who hate you or wish violence upon you, meet them with kindness. Show them that the better part of humanity is walking alongside those who are different and still finding joy in the mere company of a friend, however far apart we have traveled to find each other where we are.

Refuse to be an enemy. It is harder and harder for someone to hate you if you do not return their hate. And if you find that your best efforts are to no avail, then know that the failure is not yours. Walk away in peace and continue on the task of kindness. You may fail at this from time to time. We all do. Be humble enough to admit when you are wrong, and do better next time.

So when you hear yourself question who a person is, why they are the way they are, why they look or speak or act differently than you, do not be afraid to seek answers. Open yourself up to learn from these people. Learn to love the fact that they are different from you and realize that is also means that you are different from them. There is only one of every single person you meet, no matter what larger group of people he or she comes from.

And there is only one of you. Be the best person you can be with the knowledge that the best version of any of us will never look down on others, will never hate others, and will never do violence to others.

And above all else, remember that I love you.

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