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Don't Stress Too Much, Don't Care Too Little.

There are so many things I wish to impress upon you as you grow into the man or woman you become, and that's why I am keeping this journal. One of the most important things is to remember that life is a day by day, minute by minute journey. From one minute to the next, your whole reality, your whole outlook, your whole experience can totally change. Sometimes you'll have to stand your ground, other times you may have to adjust your footing. Some days you'll walk, some days you'll run, some days you'll dance. Some days you'll laugh, some days you'll cry, some days you'll be silent.

True character is not about rigid adherence to the way things have been, not always. Nor is it a good idea to constantly shift everytime the wind changes. True character comes from learning how and when and why to do either one. And everyone, everywhere, is in that process.

So don't stress too much and don't care too little. And always be gracious--to your family, to your friends, to strangers, and even to people who don't seem to deserve it. Always be gracious, because you will need grace from time to time as well.

And above all else, remember I love you.


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